yo mama.

  1. what is something that mom always says to you? that she loves me
  2. what makes mom happy? when i say nice things to her (we have this language that we only talk to each other in, it sounds babyish but when brendan says things like, “you so seeeet (sweet) mama”, my heart just explodes. brendan is growing up way too fast but when we do this it is like i get to hang onto his littleness just a tad longer) 
  3. what makes mom sad? when i am mad
  4. how does mom make you laugh? when she uses sarcasm (it is true…sarcasm is my second language and brendan finds it hilarious) 
  5. what is mom’s favorite thing to do? she likes to take pictures
  6. what is mom’s favorite thing to do when you are not around? read
  7. if mom were to become famous what do you think that it would be for? her art 
  8. what is something that mom is good at? cooking 
  9. what is your mom’s favorite food? pumpkin pie (this is an inside joke. when brendan was in kindergarten he answered a couple of questions about me and his teacher gave them to me for mothers day. one of the questions asked my favorite food and brendan responded by saying that it was pumpkin pie. i do really like pumpkin pie but i really don’t think that he had been around me eating it much and it is not my favorite food…but it’s still hilarious that he still says that. on those same questions he also answered that i was 32 years old…i’m still not 32, lol! i was only like 23 at the time) 
  10. what is your mom’s favorite color? red (sure is)
  11. how are you and mom the same? we look the same (eh. so many people say this but i think he looks more like his dad. although, when i look back on some of the pictures that we have taken together, he really does seem to favor me. the older he gets the more he looks like me) 
  12. how do you know that mama loves you? because she supports me
  13. what is mom’s least favorite thing to do? play sports
  14. what is something that mama is not very good at? sports 
  15. what is something silly about your mom? the way that she shoots the basketball (bless his heart, i am terrible at sports) 
  16. if mom could be any cartoon character what would it be? spongebob 
  17. what is your mom’s best feature? her feet (lol…what?!) 
  18. what does mom do to annoy you? taking too many of my pictures (it’s true…i am worse than the l.a. paparazzi)
  19. what is your favorite memory that you and mama have together? us going to the cinderella ball together in kindergarten (this was the same dance that he told the announcer that he wanted to be a mailman when he grew up) 
  20. if you could change just one thing about your mom what would it be? i wish that she wouldn’t take my picture as much. (but maybe he will appreciate it when he grows up? ; )