brendan 2016.


Favorite food: pizza

Favorite sport to play: basketball

TV show: watching March Madness

Favorite person: meme

What I love about school: PE

The thing that I do the best: play basketball

If I could go anywhere in the world: the beach with girls. (SMH)

My favorite Color: pink.

What I want to be when I grow up? a basketball player.

Favorite song: Paradise City by Guns and Roses

Three things that describe me: awesome. loves the Covenant Rams. and likes girls (this boy keeps me on my toes for sure!)

What book I’m reading: a book about dolphins

When I was little I used to: i like Bella

Favorite snack: dip n dots

Food that I dislike: black eyed peas

My best friend: cameron.

Favorite Memory: going to the race with Ellie

One Wish: that Ellie would be my girlfriend

i like: Emma Sullivan. Ellie. Celina.