the boy behind the blog.

Brendan at Ten.

Brendan had just turned ten years old a few months prior.

Asked on April 30, 2014


Favorite food: pizza, chicken, cheese dip and hot dogs. He also really loves his Poppy’s hamburgers, he calls them crabby patties (even though Brendan really dislikes the show “Sponge Bob”) and sometimes he calls them “hamburgalers” because that is what Poppy like to calls them.

Favorite sport to play: He said, “none”…but he is constantly playing basketball every single day. And when we went to the Georia Sports Hall of Fame, his favorite thing was shooting hoops inside their court. And he did awesome…he really surprised me! He is getting better everyday. Brendan also loves playing football and kickball at school. Him and Trystan also play baseball together sometimes.

TV show: Sports Center, Liv and Maddie, Jessie, Dog with a Blog. He really watches Sports Center on ESPN more than anything, but he also likes the Disney Channel.

Favorite person: He definitely likes his Poppy the best, but he said that if he had to pick someone besides Poppy, it would be Dale Jr.
; )

What I love about school: He says that his favorite thing about school is PE. He loves playing kickball, football and running during break and PE.
But education wise, math and science are his strong points, he does the best in those two subjects.

The thing that I do the best: He says, “basketball”

If I could go anywhere in the world: he says that he would go to Talledega for the races again.

My favorite Color: orange

What I want to be when I grow up? right now, he says that he wants to be a NASCAR driver. But come football season, he gets really excited and tells me that he really wants to play football. It changes really, just depends on which sport is most active (basketball or football) at the time,

Favorite song: Fly Over States by Jason Aldean

Three things that describe me: awesome, cool and loves NASCAR

What book I’m reading: He just finished reading a Babe Ruth biography for class.

When I was little I used to: he says, crawl.

Favorite snack: Reese Cups (he also loves Reese’s Pieces & Sour Patch Kids)

Food that I dislike: macaroni and cheese

My best friend: Trystan. He loves Trystan SO much.

Favorite Memory: he says that going to the race track in Daytona is his favorite memory. He’s been there two years in a row and he loved it both times, obviously,

One Wish: he is silly, he says that he wishes that gas prices would go down.

I love his little answers, even though he is a growing boy, I still enjoy his innocence more than anything.