By not having my laptop, it is hard to blog, especially while being here in the hospital. But these memories…as hard as they are to recall, there are still sweet spots tucked into places that I don’t want to lose with time. Like tonight, my twelve year old wanted so bad for me to talk on the phone with him and his sweet friend, Scotland…he didn’t want me to get off the phone…and I would’ve talked to that 12 year old boy and his friend forever had I had the chance. That boy Brendan, even though he is getting bigger, he still has this innocence about him and those are the moments I wish that I could squish away in my little hands and tuck away forever. Right now, I don’t have the mental or physical capacity to document in terms that I wish to record the things that I never want to lose hold of…but I know that there is a boy, who’s every secret fits into my heart and I have never been more honored to hold something so valuable…baby boy…tonight all your secrets are safe with me…thank you for entrusting me with the greatest gift…the sweet gift you call your soul.


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