ansley girl.

This past week has been…bittersweet?…I can’t think of a better word right now. Brendan spent last weekend with his dad’s parents in Panama City and he had a great time but I missed him so much! In an earlier post I blogged about how I loved Ansley staying with me when she was out of school…we had the best time hanging out, just us two. I told Kimberly that I wished I had another day to spend with her again like that…Kimberly was like, “no, she can’t, she has missed too many days of school”, so I just shrugged that thought off.

However, I woke up last Monday morning with mom telling me that Ansley was sick and then asked if I could keep her, I couldn’t say YES fast enough. I jumped out of bed, fixed a cup of coffee, toasted my pop-tarts, and then read my favorite blogs as I waited on my girl to get here. Kimberly brought her over around 10:20 and she didn’t feel good at all. She was running a fever, she was congested, she was just pitiful. I made her a comfy place on the sofa and we spent the afternoon watching some of our favorite movies, we watched Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and a movie about a dog named Bingo…and that was the title of the movie. I made her slushies and those seemed to help her throat feel better. I couldn’t stand seeing my girl not feel good.

When Kimberly took Ansley to the medstop over the weekend the doctor there told her that Ansley had bronchitis. Well, because the symptoms that Ansley was having didn’t really relate to bronchitis, my mom told Kim that she needed to go ahead and take Ansley to the after hours at Primary Pediatrics and that is what they decided to do. Ansley’s dad and my mom took Ansley to the doctor that evening and Kimberly met them there after work. After they got back, my mom walked in the door and told me that I wasn’t going to believe what they said at the doctor…the doctor there diagnosed her with the flu! I knew she was pretty sick because I spent all day taking care of her, however, I truly didn’t see that coming. I felt terrible for my Ansley, but I can’t lie, I was secretly a little happy that I was going to get to spend another day with my girl!

When Ansley arrived on Tuesday she didn’t feel too good but she felt a little better than she felt the day before. I fixed her another comfortable spot on the sofa and we watched one or two movies. Around noon Ansley began feeling better so we painted our finger and toe nails. She painted my finger nails blue and red (Brendan’s school colors) and she painted my toe nails white and of course they turned out beautiful. I painted her finger nails purple and pink and I painted her toes the same colors (I think?). I so wish that I would have taken pictures but again I have been terrible at remembering to take pictures lately. I am usually completely opposite…Brendan says that I am worse than the LA paparazzi! I am the first person to say that I am completely guilty ; ). Anyhow, after we finished doing our nails, we made some cupcakes; cupcakes always make everything better!

Unfortunately, mom contacted us mid-afternoon on Tuesday and told us that she was pretty sure that she had the flu. She was running a fever, she had chills, her throat was sore…and she had several other symptoms that added up to being the flu. She tried to get her doctor to call her in Tamiflu but they were being anile about it and would not call it in without knowing 100 percent that she was sick with the flu. Mom then decided that she would just go to the Minute Clinic at CVS but they were not open. Anyhow when she arrived back home, Ansley and I made some really good enchiladas! Ansley did almost everything all by herself…she LOVES cooking and baking and she is really great at it. Lately when we make anything, like when we made cupcakes earlier in the week, she did almost everything herself, the only thing that she didn’t do was crack the eggs…I need to start teaching her how to do that ; ).

I kept Ansley again on Wednesday. Fortunately, she felt better than she did earlier in the week but I could tell that she just wasn’t a hundred percent just yet. She was SO cute when she came over, she was wearing her adorable little pink tutu! I wanted to just scoop her up…and I did! On this day we got the fold out bed out and I made a comfortable pallet and Ansley loved laying on it and I laid right beside her on the sofa. Kimberly and I grew up loving the movie Now and Then and I wanted to watch it with Ansley because I thought that she would like it too…and she did, she said she loved it! We also watched the movie, My Girl 2 and she really liked that movie, but she said that Now and Then was her favorite…I don’t blame her ; ). Oh, we also watched Monster High. Her sixth birthday was themed Monster High…she has Monster High everything just about. After we watched our movie we made snow cones and listened to a few of her CDs…we had fun doing that…we sang along to ‘That’s What I Call Music (27)”. She also learned how to type and send Facebook messages on the computer, so before her mom picked her up, she spent her time sending messages to her mom on Facebook…and of course they included 10987654 different emojis!

Ansley ended up going to school the last two days of the week but because of the sweet time we got to spend together, just us two, it made me even more excited for summer break…because she will be with me! Actually, I am even more anxious about summer break because I will get to spend those days with both my nieces plus my boy…when he is not at one of his sport camps. I am used to spending all day with my niece Jayla but because her mom accepted a job in Perry (I can’t remember if I have mentioned this in one of my blog posts yet) she has been staying with my grandmother out in Warner Robins because it is thirty minutes closer (actually I really think I have mentioned this in a previous post…oh well). Kasey’s car is in the shop (it has major issues right now) so she is using my grandmother’s car to drive to work in.

Now that I am finishing this post up, I know that I am going to look back on this and just wish so badly that I had took pictures of some of the moments that Ansley and I had shared throughout the week. Although, I am still happy that I have our memories documented in words. I have been extremely long winded throughout this post, so I am going to end things here. Just wanted to write about the special week I had with my Ansley girl. : )



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