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Although I have done a terrible job of taking pictures lately, I still want to post an update of what kinds of things we have been up to lately. I actually have no idea where to start off at, so right now I am just going to try and wing it. Brendan is spending the weekend at the beach with his Meme and Poppy and I am sure he is having a great time, but I miss him! Hopefully, I can find some ways to keep busy until I see him next. Our church has homecoming tomorrow and mama asked me if I would make a banana foster rum cake to take to church and I could not say YES fast enough! Out of all the cakes that I have made in my entire life, this one ranks in the top three (you can read more about my love for this cake here). My other two favorites are cream cheese pound cake and homemade red velvet cake.

Besides having cake on the brain, I have had this massive sweet tooth lately, it’s almost to the point of being uncontrollable ; ). I am not a big chocolate lover by any means, but I have now been craving brownies for a week straight. Just this past Sunday my mouth wouldn’t quit watering over them, it was so bad that I had us get in the car after 8 pm so that we could pick up brownie mix…CRAZY. Although, I wasn’t the only one with a sweet tooth that night, Brendan had a huge sweet tooth that night as well. I usually do not allow Brendan to have many sweets in the evening, especially on a school night; however, I decided to be wild and allowed him to pick out some snacks that night. He chose to get Fruit Gushers, powdered doughnuts, cookies, and a few pieces of candy. Brendan’s eyes got wider and wider as I said yes to each thing he asked for, even he couldn’t believe I was allowing him to consume sugar like this (which I say YOLO, ha!). I came home and made some brownies and Brendan snacked out on his treats as we watched some TV; I was surprised that he went to sleep right on time that night!

Before our late night run to the store last Sunday, mom, Brendan, Ansley, and I went to pick up some Subway after they got home from church. Because it was a very beautiful day and the temperature was perfect, we spent a few hours out in the yard playing baseball. Brendan got his Instagram taken away for a week the day before, so it was nice spending time with him without a phone attached to him. Usually, when Brendan and I are outside playing sports (and I use the word, “sports” rather loosely, if you ever saw me with a ball, you’d understand why), he goes hard on me, he just gets frustrated and almost loses his patience (understandably so, ha!). Although, I have to say that he is getting better about this, I mean he still laughs at my poor attempts to shoot the basketball in the hoop or when I take five minutes to retrieve the baseball, but lately his patience is growing stronger and stronger…however, I still don’t know how the boy puts up with me at times ; ). After Brendan and I finished playing baseball in the yard, it was time for him to go to batting practice, he left about 5 pm and returned home at around 7. Although we had fun playing baseball together that day, I am sure he gained much more skill during the time he spent with the guy who had 17996555 times more experience than I had ; ).

the pitiful life of a boy without his Instagram ; )

Brendan’s team was scheduled to play against Crisp Academy this past Thursday, though it ended up getting rained out. Brendan continues to do good during his baseball games, his time spent practicing has really been paying off. During his last game, he knocked the ball far out into the field and got a base run. Unfortunately, we have lost the past two games, so we have tied one, won one, and lost two…I mean the statistics could be worse, right? I’m super proud of him for earnestly trying his best, he is never afraid to try anything new. Unlike me, that boy has enough confidence to go out and try out for a school sport (that he has never even played before) and work super hard at getting better at it. I mean, the thought of myself doing that just makes me want to crawl up in a fetal position.


Brendan’s team has (I think) two more baseball games left in the season and it won’t be long before he is out for summer break…yay! Brendan hasn’t made it clear (to me) which sports camps he will be attending this summer, but I am sure that he will decide to attend Mercer basketball camp again and he says that he is going to try out for the football team this fall; so I am sure he will have plenty of practices for that this summer. I am just excited at the thought of him being on break and us being able to have fun and be lazy together. I will not be taking this time for granted at all; I spent all of last summer in the hospital, so I know that I will cherish these times even more.


Besides spending time with Brendan, I am also loving the quality time that Ansley and I have been able to spend together lately. My sister Kasey and my niece, Jayla, have been staying out at my grandmother’s house in Warner Robins for the past month or so. Kasey accepted a job around the same time that her car decided to break down, so she has been using my grandmother’s car to go to work and back. This works out well because my grandmother’s house is about thirty minutes closer to her job than our house is, this makes staying out there even more convenient right now.

Being as Kasey and Jayla are out there, Jayla and Ansley don’t get to play together all afternoon like they are used to doing and I know that they both miss each other (even though they probably fought 998 times every afternoon after school). Because of this, Ansley just seems so lonely some of the time after she gets home from school. I know that she loves being with Brendan but on days that he is with his dad, she doesn’t even get to see him. This is why I have been trying to take up even more time with my favorite red headed girl.

I was craving brownies again yesterday afternoon so I was super happy to bake some with my girl. I sprayed the non-stick spray onto the pan, I cracked the eggs, and turned on the oven, but everything else Ansley did; she’s always a super great assistant in the kitchen! I have a feeling that it won’t be too long before she will start calling me HER assistant, ha! After we licked the bowl and got the brownies in the oven, we painted each other nails, I did hers pink and purple and she did mine lavender and gray with speckled glitter. Around the same time that we were finished polishing our nails, the timer on the brownies went off and we couldn’t scoop them off the pan fast enough, they tasted super, everyone loved them. They were so good that they were gone in less than twelve hours…and I’m not even mad about it ; ).

Ansley recently went to Florida during spring break with her cousins on her dad’s side of the family to visit their nana Michelle (Ansley’s paternal grandmother). Bless her heart, Ansley came back home late in the evening on the last day of her break and when my sister Kimberly went to wake her up for school the next morning, she was still exhausted from her fun trip! Kimberly ended up letting her stay home from school that day and this made me super happy because I got to keep my girl that day! Ansley and I spent time watching movies, we colored, we giggled, we ordered pizza, I bought her a new pair of pajamas (she and I both LOVE our pjs…pajamas literally make up 96 percent of my wardrobe), and we did each other’s makeup. We had such a nice “girl’s day”, I even told her mom that her school’s loss was my gain : ).

Ansley modeling the pajamas that I bought her : )

This post is probably one of the most sporadic ones here on my blog, my thoughts are just all over the place. I was just wondering if I had forgotten to write anything else important that happened over the past week or so, but I think I’ve got it all covered. I am about to get ready to bake this cake for church homecoming tomorrow and then make some enchiladas for dinner, my mouth is already watering ; ).


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