breakin’ spring.


the girls and Brendan on Easter Sunday. I have NO idea how Brendan got in the car without me noticing what shirt he had on…at least he had on a costume at church


Brendan got out of school last Thursday and goes back to school next Monday, however, his dad and I split holidays and he went to the beach with them today. I already miss that boy so much. We had very little access to a vehicle over his spring break, my grandmother stayed with us this week but because my sister’s vehicle is not working, she is having to use my grandmother’s car. Being as Kasey’s job is much closer to my grandmother’s house than our house, she has been staying out there. So, we haven’t had a busy agenda by any means this week. I know that Brendan probably wished that he could have done something much more exciting but I have really enjoyed just hanging out with my boy doing hardly anything this week. We did have some fun over the weekend celebrating Easter and the kids really had a good time.

hunting eggs at grandma’s



having more fun finding eggs



things are getting more serious


Friday, Brendan and Ansley decorated Easter eggs and then on Saturday they went to an egg hunt at the church and had a great time. Brendan decided that he was too old to hunt Easter eggs this year, so he helped hide them instead. They also had a cookout and had a giant inflatable slide for the kids. They got home by mid-afternoon and Brendan, my dad and I watched a couple of movies (it was raining hard outside); we watched, European Vacation, Now and Then, and Vegas Vacation…Clark Griswold could brighten any day. For supper, my dad made pork chops and they were really great.

hanging out with Ansley


here they come


being silly on Ansley’s scooter ; )


Sunday was a really fun day. My mom and Brendan were in the Easter play and Brendan was the only kid in the church who had a speaking part and he did great! I was so proud of him! After church we went and hung out at my grandma’s house and all the kids, including the neighbor’s kids (Ava and Nora). Brendan even decided that he wanted to hunt eggs…I think maybe it had more to do with him wanting candy ; ). After we got home the girls and I made a cake and then it was about time for bed.

Ansley and Brendan shooting their bb guns.


This past weekend just flew by so fast and so did the last few days. I know that Brendan was so excited to go to the beach today, but again, I miss him. I am home alone today and the house is so quiet…and I don’t like it. I remember sitting in this same chair all week and getting upset because Brendan and the girls were just so loud and now I would give almost anything to hear their loud little voices.

I admit, I would much rather be in an air conditioned house than outside sitting in a plastic chair but Brendan and the girls love it out there, they could spend all day outside and love every minute of it. Again, I am complete opposite. However, I make myself go outside and hang out at least one part of every day but I always regret not going outside more. I need to work on ways to make the outdoors more fun. Brendan constantly begs me to go outside and I am going to start saying “yes” more.

In my opinion, I am really great at being, “a yes mom”. If whatever they (Brendan and the girls) are asking to do won’t result in breaking their bones, hurting one another, causing them to bleed, risking their health, or hurting one another’s feelings, I will probably give them permission. Basically, if it is something that is relatively safe and won’t result in the other person getting their feelings hurt, I will probably say yes. So many things are just not worth arguing or fussing over.

Anyhow, here are some things that I want to remember that Brendan said or did over spring break. One day I received a direct message notification from Brendan on my Instagram and I opened it and it simply said, “sweety pie”. One night after he got his heart broke by a girl (her dad told her that she couldn’t talk to boys anymore), Brendan looked over at me and said, “mama, come over here and talk to me and make it all better for me”, and when I came and sat beside him, he got in my lap and I just held him. Another night, Brendan and I were just hanging out in the bed and he said, “you are just so cute that I eat you up”. Yesterday, I took Brendan’s fold out cot outside to lay on it and he laid right next me and we cuddled up. Sometimes, Brendan likes spending time alone but after fifteen minutes of alone time, he comes looking for me. He still doesn’t like me to be out of his sight for too long. I’m sure that there’s more but I just can’t remember them all. Usually, Brendan is all-boy, he is rough, he is tough, and he likes to get his face dirty. However, he can also be THE sweetest little boy ever. I just love him and he makes me proud, always. I still can not believe that I get to call him my boy.

Now, I am looking forward for summer break…it won’t be long . : )


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