show and tell: my mix tape

gbmixToday I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays. Today we are talking about our life’s mix tape. I don’t really have single songs that mark any particular time in my life, if I did, my list would be almost obnoxiously long. Instead, I have fallen in love with certain artists at different times in my life and during those times I just listen to all of their songs on repeat, lol.

When I was in elementary school, I fell in love with Garth Brooks. I loved every single thing about him, his music, his life, his energy…and he was also good lookin’. I listened to every single one of his albums on repeat and when I played “house” with mys sisters and my cousins, I would always be the “mom” and I would pretend that Garth Brooks was my husband…oh, and my “kids” had the same names as his children…I was clearly obsessed. It was crazy. I had Garth Brooks posters, tons of magazines with him on the cover, I wore Garth Brooks shirts…it was insane. When I was in the fifth grade I got to go to a Garth Brooks concert at the Omni in Atlanta, I cried my eyes out as I looked through my binoculars, I was a mess. I still love Garth Brooks to this day but thankfully my obsession with him isn’t as severe as it once was. However, he remains my all-time favorite artist for life, NO ONE could ever top Garth.


I also liked George Strait a lot at that time and still do but he wasn’t exactly on the same radar that I had Garth on ; ).


Towards the end of elementary school, I started listening to a lot of Michael Jackson. I had his History albums and loved coming home from school to listen to them.


I never was much into pop music growing up, when most of my friends were obsessing over Britney Spears or N’sync, I was at home listening to Celine Dion, lol. In middle school I remember listening to her music quite often.


In high school I listened to a lot of Creed. I also really liked Lifehouse. One summer I went to the beach and met a guy and the song, Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse, reminded me so much of that week spent with him. I was so in love, I was just crazy about that fourteen year old boy (I was fifteen), and I still talked to him years after high school. He is now married and I haven’t heard from him in years but still, every time the song, Hanging by a Moment, comes on, I think back to that time in my life.

After high school, I dated a guy who was about obsessed with the group, Better Than Ezra and I came to really like them, too. It was also around this time that I began to like David Gray. I was able to see Better Than Ezra and David Gray in concert and I had a great time at both. gbcrows.jpg

The Counting Crows are a band that I still love and listen to. They have the best bar music, there’s nothing like hanging out with a good friend, a good drink, and The Counting Crows playing…that always equals a good time.


Right now I’m listening to Daughtry, I love their songs, Home, September, Over You, and Waiting for Superman. Actually, I fell in love with Daughtry years ago and they have never gotten old. I will probably be sixty years old and still thinks these songs are awesome, lol.


HOWEVER…with all this said, I DO have a favorite artist for the year and that person would be Justin Bieber…and I’m not even ashamed to say it. I Justin. Which is kind of strange because I am not a huge pop fan. I was never overly into boy bands or anything like that. However, I could listen to Justin all day. My favorite songs of his are, “Sorry”, “One Less Lonely Girl”, and “What Do You Mean” and I love his recent album, Purpose. And don’t fear, my love for Justin just started last year, so I was never barely legal mackin’ on a adolescent boy, lol. BUT #bieberFEVER

Anyway, that’s a wrap! I’m excited to now go and look at whatever everyone else said : ).




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