lazy days.

First off, Brendan called around ten Sunday morning and said the funniest thing. He spoke with mom before I talked to him and because my mom was sitting right across from me, I could hear just about everything he said. He is STILL hung up on Laynee; so of course that is what their conversation was about. It went something like this:
MOM: Well, Brendan… there are PLENTY other fish in the sea
Bren: BUT Nana, I am talking about a GIRL. I haven’t even said anything about going fishing… I am not even going fishing today. Well, actually, I might go fishing today; it is supposed to be really nice outside.

(face palm). OH Brendan…

& he was SO serious. He had no clue what Nana was talking about; this is what made it so funny!  Several minutes later he caught on to what she meant and was able to laugh at himself ; ) That boy makes my stomach hurt from laughing so much and most of the time he is not even trying to be funny. Bless it. ; )

Saturday, after Brendan’s baseball game, Jayla, my sister Kimberly, and Ansley went to Cochran. OH…on Friday night I asked Ansley if she would be going to Bren’s baseball game the next morning, she said, “I want to go but my mom and I might be going on vacation”, I said, “oh really? Where are y’all going?” and she said, “we are going to Cochran”. I then thought that I was going to lose my breath from laughing so much! In the odd chance that someone reads this and they are not from Georgia, Cochran is basically a one stop light town, it is very much in the country. Cochran is beautiful and I love the country but a popular vacation destination it is not. However, Kim and Ansley always have a good time out there so I am sure that they really do consider it a small vacation ; ). Ansley’s Nini and Papa, along with her aunt Patricia and seven of her cousins, live in Cochran. Ansley especially likes to fish and play non-stop with her cousins when they go out there.

Ansley spent the night in Cochran with her cousins on Saturday and Kimberly dropped Jayla off here at around 9 p.m. Jayla and my mom went to go get in the bed kind of early; however, I heard a knock on my door shortly after they went to get in the bed. The knock came from Jayla Hogan; homegirl wanted to watch Ramona and Beezus. Jayla, Ansley, and I have watched the movie, Ramona and Beezus, no less than 100 times;  it really is one of my favorite movies (which is a great thing because we probably watch it every week). I grew up reading books by Beverly Cleary that were about the life of Ramona; Ramona the Pest will always be my favorite book of her’s. I still have that book and I loved reading it to Bren when he was younger. My heart is happy now that Ansley can pretty much read it all on her own and it won’t be too much longer before Jayla can! I believe this is the first book that Ansley has read that did not contain mostly pictures…Ramona the Pest has a few sketches through out the book but that is it. So for this book to capture their attention, without pictures, says a lot.

On Saturday night I told myself that I was definitely going to go to church the next morning, no matter what. However, my girl Jayla Hogan decided that she did not want to go to sleep that night, instead she had big plans for us to party! She got out of bed around 10 p.m. and we then began watching Ramona and Beezus in the living room. Our movie went off at around midnight and as soon as it went off Jayla told me that she wanted a “midnight snack”. I offered her a pop tart but that wasn’t good enough, she wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. I fixed her a sandwich and as soon as she finished it, she decided that she wanted some chips, after her chips were gone she then asked for some kool-aid. My wishes of going back to sleep after she was done feasting for the night came crumbling down when she asked if she we could watch, Princess and the Frog. Ms. Thing was STILL going strong after that movie went off and I finally had to tell her that it was time for us to get some shut eye. By now it was close to 3 a.m. and oh…we were both camping out in the living room together. If you have never had the luxury of sleeping on a recliner, then know that you are not missing out; sadly, the only thing I missed out on was a good night’s sleep…but have no worries because sweet Jayla Hogan was sleeping peacefully on the sofa beside me. It took me hours to fall asleep but I think I finally crashed at around 5 a.m. Unfortunately, my body was not the only thing that crashed at 5 a.m. because it was around that same time that all hope of me attending church came crashing down as well.

After I was able to take a nap for a few minutes, in the comforts of my bed, our company arrived. Josh came over to our house to see if he could fix my sister Kasey’s car and his wife Sarah and their three kids came over to hang out as well. We had a really good time. Jayla painted my nails, Ali did my makeup and they both fixed my hair…I was spoiled ; ). I fixed them a picnic in the front yard, it was a beautiful day so we all enjoyed being outside for awhile and I think they stayed until around 4 or so. I really enjoyed getting to talk and hang out with Sarah and I am excited to see them all again soon. I think they might come back over this upcoming weekend, Sarah has two boys so I know Bren would love to hang out with them.

Brendan stayed the weekend with his Meme and Poppy so I am excited that I get to squeeze him big when he gets home from baseball practice today. I have missed him so much this past weekend, he brings me so much joy. I am sure he will talk all about his recent “heartache” and I will smile and hope he realizes that his mom is the only girl in the world who won’t ever break his little heart : ).




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