drama in paradise.

I guess I should begin this post with the same sort of disclaimer that I posted a few days ago. If you happen to be reading this by accident, I am not an evil person with intentions to sell my son out, per se. However, my little blog probably gets read by two people each week and those two people are family, meaning I am not disclosing anything in this post that they do not already know. I do not “promote” my blog on Facebook, or any form of social media for that matter. However, this little blog is my journal and I want to be able to look back on these memories in the future, no matter how much they might sting right now.

Brendan is my only child, my boy and anyone who knows me good in real life knows that he is rotten to the core. I feel like I need to apologize to his future wife daily for ruining him to pieces. I cook all of his meals, I still pour almost all of his drinks, I do his laundry and we even have this sweet language that we talk to one another in. You can say that I “baby” him and I would not even be able to argue with you about it. AND his eyes, they are just beautiful, they have slayed me from day one. If he wants to turn me into a pile of lush, he knows exactly how to turn his charm on, you could say that I am wrapped tight around his little fingers and you would be RIGHT. If for some reason he senses me losing patience with him, he instantly knows that if he begins talking in that sweet, innocent voice of his, then I just swoon. A few days ago I was getting fed up with Brendan because he was procrastinating on his homework but once he sensed me turning ill towards him he knew that if he looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes and curled his sweet lip under as he said the words, “I sick”, then I would soon turn to mush. That works like a charm, every.single.time. Even though I CLEARLY know that Brendan is not sick, it is just that sweet little voice that gets me each and every time. I’m a sucker, I can not even try and deny it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I am a 72 when it comes to being protective over Brendan. There is something incredibly special about the love a mom has for her baby boy, no matter how old he is. Therefore, when he is upset, I am even more so; I can not stand to see him get hurt, it breaks my heart. And that takes us to right now. My sweetheart is heartbroken.  He is caught up in the silliest drama and he doesn’t know whether to be sad, angry or happy. A few days ago, I wrote about Brendan’s “love” for Laynee and how he had a huge crush on her. Well, today, March 19, 2016, I think those feelings kind of “crushed” him back. Brendan went to a party yesterday after school and he told me that he showed a guy at the party a picture of Laynee on Instagram. Matthew ended up following Laynee on Instagram and Brendan says that she sent him a direct message telling him that he was cute. I am not sure if that is the truth or if that Matthew kid is just trying to start drama.

This weekend happens to fall on a weekend that Brendan is with his dad and last night Brendan invited Laynee to go to Polly’s with his dad’s side of the family. Laynee told Brendan that she wanted to go but then today she cancelled after she found out that her step dad was off and wanted to hang out with his family being as he had not had a day off in a few weeks. However, Laynee asked him if he would go to the hockey game with her and her family tomorrow night and Brendan at first seemed interested. Brendan also tried to text Laynee but he received a message saying that the number that he had for her was not a cell phone number, but a landline. Now Brendan believes that she purposely gave him a wrong number and he is pissed. Although, Laynee’s mom is the one who gave me that number and she would not have purposely given me the wrong number. Brendan is twelve years old but today he seems to think that he is twenty two!

Although I can not stand to see Brendan miserable, I am grateful that he feels comfortable enough to talk openly about these kind of things. He has texted me throughout the day and has called a couple of times asking for my advise. I know that it is easier said but I still try and reiterate to Brendan that he will have several Laynee’s in the future. Brendan has gone from saying that Laynee is mean, to saying that Matthew is a horrible friend, to saying that he wants to cry…now he says that he is back pissed, ha! I think he more just wants me to listen to him instead of me shoving advice down his throat so that is what I am doing. I told myself that Brendan is already making me want a prescription for a sedative and he is not even a teenager yet! I am either going to need a nerve pill or he is going to cause my hair to fall out…or turn gray.

The sedative seems like best option out of the three…just sayin’ ; )




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