rams on top.

I thought yesterday was a great day but today tops it times ten! Brendan had an away game against Windsor this morning at 11 and he did SUPER. I am so proud of him! He hit the very first ball that was pitched to him and he couldn’t have hit the ball any better than he did. He should have ran as soon as he hit the ball but he waited until he saw where the ball was going to stop. I think that he would have been safe if he would have ran as soon as he made contact with the ball but that is neither here nor there, I am proud of him either way. This is his first year playing, so he is still figuring things out.

right before he hit a perfect ball

Brendan did not “officially” have baseball practice any last week; Brendan said that it was because his coach was busy coaching the varsity team. Anyhow, Brendan’s Poppy picked him up everyday last week, except for yesterday (Friday), and took him to the batting cages and that seemed to really pay off! Usually, Brendan’s team plays a total of seven innings but they were on a roll today, they were leading 16-1 in the fourth inning so the coaches called the game. We weren’t overly optimistic going into today’s game because we knew that Windsor had a really good team so winning against the Knights was a pretty big deal!

I love this grin of his

Brendan playing baseball this year was such a nice surprise. I am looking forward to more beautiful Saturday mornings spent at the baseball field, hopefully winning more games. However, either way, I am beyond proud of that good lookin’ ball player of mine! His face just lit up after the game today and there is nothing this side of Heaven more beautiful than that smile of his, that is for sure. : )


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