one fun day.

Snapshot_20160319_2.JPGthis is super blurry but it is the only picture that Ansley and I took today during our day of fun : )

Today was a good day and I want to blog about it so that I can remember it. I spent the entire day at home, nothing too exciting happened but it was still a sweet day. Ansley and I spent most of the afternoon playing, we ordered pizza and did hair, makeup and our nails. We watched the Disney channel and Ansley just fell asleep right beside me while watching Ramona and Beezus . Oh and we also made lots of videos using the webcam on the computer; we used almost all of those cheesy graphics on their and just had the best time doing so. We took turns pretending like one of us was a French bakery owner and we would knock on the door and request cinnamon rolls from the bakery. Along with pizza, we ordered cinnamon bread from Marco’s, so that’s what our “bakery” served. : )

My sister already had plans for them to go to dinner with a friend of hers, so Kim picked her up to go eat, even though I am sure Ansley was stuffed; she still had fun eating out though. After we took turns owning a French bakery, we took turns being salon owners. Ansley was the first beautician of the night, so she made me beautiful by fixing my hair and makeup. Although I am sure that Ansley applied half the pallet of blush liberally all over my face, I was still proud to rock it for the evening. After Ansley finished eating dinner with her mom at Fish n’ Pig, she came back over and we did one another’s nails. She was proud to paint my nails in a red and blue pattern and I polished her finger and toe nails just the same as she did mine and I have to add that she did a great job! She even brought her princess dresses from home and let me wear the hat to her witch’s costume…because that is the only article that would fit me. ; )

I wish that I had taken pictures other than the ones that we captured on the web cam, but we were too caught up having fun to stop and take pictures. We held hands and prayed right before we started watching our movie and at the end of our prayer she said, “OH…we need to pray that Brendan wins his baseball game tomorrow”, ah,! Ansley really  is the kindest kid that I know and she has the most tender heart…but at times she can be so sassy and I love that about her!

I am now super tired and am about to shut my eyes and try and go sleep. I am excited to see my boy in the morning and watch his baseball game at 11. Tomorrow is supposed to be really pretty out and I am looking forward to it being cooler outside…it is funny that in the south 60 degrees is considered cool, ha!


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