oh laney.

disclaimer: if by some accident someone that I don’t know reads this and thinks that I am a terrible person because I am disclosing too personal info about my son in this post, just know that in real life, I probably have two people who read my blog and they are both family…meaning this is NOT anything that they don’t already know. And if for some reason my blog readership grows to more than said two family members, this post will be the first to become private. Got it? good!

Thankfully, for the first almost twelve years of Brendan’s life, I have only had to share my boy’s heart with two other girls. From pre-k up until second grade, Brendan thought that a girl who went to his school named, Bella, was pretty cute and that was the extent of that. After second grade, Bella switched schools and although she is sometimes randomly brought up in conversation, he has not seen her since then. However, Bella was quickly replaced by a Margie. Actually, if I remember right, Brendan’s sweet “love” for Margie began before Bella even switched schools and with each  passing school year, his love for Margie grew more and more. However, before this school year, the most uncool thing a boy could do was to admit to his friends that he actually LIKED a GIRL! Which, was fine by me, I had nothing to worry about. Actually, I kind of thought it was sweet that Brendan had love for a sweet girl.

Around a year and a half ago, Brendan went to the beach with his Meme and Poppy and he met a girl named, Tenley. Tenley’s mom was dating (and now is married to) one of Poppy’s best friends. Brendan kind of showed interest in her but then he went to a NASCAR race in Atlanta, where he met one of Poppy’s friend’s daughters, named Ellie. Ellie and Tenley are friends and Brendan liked them okay. However, Brendan still held sweet Margie on a huge pedestal. Brendan graduated elementary school and because Margie and Brendan were going to middle school in two different school districts, he knew the probability of ever seeing her again was kind of slim and for a month or so, that broke Brendan’s heart!

Then came Laney. Oh Laney, what have you done with my child’s little heart?! I can now call Ellie, Tenley and even Margie, one of Brendan’s innocent crushes of the past. Around October or November of last year, I posted something about Brendan on Instagram and Laney’s mom. Mrs. Tammy, replied saying that her daughter Laney thought that Brendan was, “a hottie”. I think it was then that her mom asked if we would be interested in going to a local hockey game with them and I called Brendan, who was in Florida at the time, and asked him if that would be something that he would want to do. He casually just responded by saying, “sure”. However, the next day Brendan came home from Florida and I showed him a picture of Laney and I could tell then that he became much more interested in going to that hockey game that her mom asked us about. ; )

Brendan had a basketball game that got in the way of us going to the hockey game but out of the blue one Saturday afternoon this past January, Brendan asked if Laney would like to come over and play basketball. I asked her mom and her mom was like, “sure!”, so Laney, her mom, her sisters and a friend of hers came over and hung out with us for the day. I would just love to say that they had a super exciting time but um…not so much, ha! Brendan is super shy around girls and because she brought a couple of other people with her, it made things even more awkward for him, I think. Anyhow, they played basketball for a little while and they played a board game I think, but he never directly spoke to her at all. Bless his heart!

Brendan has not even seen Laney since that very day and you would think that his little feelings would have simmered down a bit, but NO, actually that is the opposite of what has happened! Brendan’s feelings towards that girl have intensified ten fold! Each and every day, throughout the course of the day, he constantly asks about Laney. And Lord forbid it if she actually “likes” one of his pictures on his Instagram account, he literally swoons! In the past, Brendan would NEVER admit to his friends that he had a crush on a girl but things have changed because any friend of his that will listen knows how he feels about that girl. He is not shy about his feelings about her one bit, he does not hold back.

When Brendan is with his Meme and Poppy they sometimes hang out with Mr. Greg and Mr. Ron (Greg is Ellie’s dad and Ron is Tenley’s new step-dad), therefore Brendan sometimes hangs out with Tenley and Ellie, too. Tenley goes to FPD and Ellie goes to Mount de Sales, before Laney came in the picture Brendan would sometimes ask to go watch those schools play various sports, but that is now a thing of the past! Tenley and Ellie make themselves available to be with Brendan but Laney makes him work to be around her; I told Brendan that was why he liked Laney so much more than Ellie and Tenley and I could actually see him having an “ah-ha” moment. Brendan attended Tenley’s mom and Ron’s wedding a couple of weeks ago and he was so appalled that Tenley asked to dance with him! He was actually like, “MOM, can you BELIEVE Tenley, she tried to DRAG me up the stairs and get me to dance with her”.

After hearing Laney’s name mentioned non-stop for months and after Brendan asking me hundreds of times to call Laney’s mom to see if Laney can come here or there, I finally told Brendan that from now on, HE is going to have to talk to Laney himself and ask her these questions and to my surprise he said, “Oh I WILL”. Bless it. Dear Laney, what in the world have you done with my baby’s heart…and can I have it back, please?! However, Laney is sweet as she can be, she is super kind and really cute…so I guess if I HAD to pick a girl for Brendan to become so enthralled with, it would be Laney.

AND I know that there will be several “Laney’s” in Brendan’s future, but this is the first, therefore, I HAVE to document it. I just hope the next one goes to his school or lives closer to us so I wouldn’t have to hear how much he misses her throughout the day…everyday. That’s all. ; )


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