the cake that changed the game.

via Shay Shull

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I admit, I am an unapologetic cake snob. Unless I am in the kitchen just messing around with the girls, 9 times out of 10, I always bake from scratch, especially if I am baking a bundt cake. If I can not make the real thing, most of the time I don’t even bother baking anything at all. Before yesterday, I can not even remember a time when I put anything besides from scratch pound cake batter in one of those cake pans. Once you have had the “real” thing, it is hard to go back to using a mix. With layer cakes, it is kind of different, they can usually be doctored up a bit to where they almost taste like they are made from scratch after you cover them with homemade icing. No matter what, I would NEVER put store bought icing on one of my cakes, I have tried every store bought icing there is to buy and they are all disgusting. If you want to know the fastest way to ruin a cake, just slather that goo over them. ew! It only takes three minutes to make from scratch icing so there is no good excuse to skip this step.

It is no secret that I love Shay Shull’s recipe blog. Many people know Shay as being the sister of Sean Lowe, who was on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette and then went on to become Bachelor 17. Although, I actually fell in love with Shay first and had never even watched an episode of the Bachelor…although, I did go back and watch Sean’s season and still, his season is the only one I have watched. I can not lie and say that I am not happy for him and Catherine, they are expecting their first baby : )

Anyhow, I have made quite a few of her desserts (mainly her bar recipes). I have even posted several blog posts in the past about how great her bar recipes are, my favorite are  her strawberry cheesecake bars, if you want to know the fastest way to ruin a diet, make these! Shay posts a link to a different recipe on her family blog every day and when I clicked on yesterday’s recipe, I began to browse her “banana” recipes. If I had to choose just one dessert to eat for the rest of my life, it would be a close tie between banana pudding and banana bread. Ansley and I have been baking the same Paula Deen banana bread recipe since she was old enough to stand up in a chair. We could seriously bake banana bread in our sleep but we have not made one since this past fall. I had planned on us baking our usual banana bread yesterday but while I was on Shay’s recipe blog yesterday I found her recipe for her Banana Foster bundt cake and I just could not pass it up.

If you are familiar with Shay’s recipe blog, then you know that she is infamous for her “100 bundt cakes“. She has made 100 different varieties of bundt cakes, using a store bought cake mix. Because of my snobbish ways, before yesterday, I had never even considered using one of her bundt cake recipes; even though this banana foster bundt cake looked devine, I still was not overly optimistic about how it would turn out. Ansley, mom and I went to the store to get the ingredients  and once we got home, we immediately began preparing our cake. Truthfully, this cake was so easy that Ansley did most of the work, she even used a butter knife to slice the banana and butter used for this recipe. So, I figured that even if this recipe ended up being a flop, at least Ansley got to have fun making it, so no love lost ; )

From opening up the mix to actually putting this in the oven, it only took us maybe twenty minutes and if I had been pressed for time, I could have had this in the oven in half that time. We baked it for 45 minutes and let it cool for around 15 minutes. After transferring this cake to a plate, Ansley and I tasted a tiny bit of it and it took all of .05 seconds for us to fall in love. Shay Shull, I Kelly Forbes, sincerely apologize for ever thinking that your cakes were less than just because they were not created from scratch.

This cake was like a baker’s version of crack, I could not quit it…and I am not even mad about it! It did not even last twelve hours in our house. Even if you don’t like bananas, you could still bake this cake and love it just as much…because then you could call it a rum cake and what person doesn’t like rum?! This cake is seriously a game changer, if anyone is curious about how heaven must taste like, make this asap.

Thanks Shay, for providing Ansley and I with the recipe for the best cake we have ever made. Love, Kelly ; )



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