baller. shot caller.



Yesterday Brendan played in his very first baseball game. This is Brendan’s very first year playing school sports (they were not offered before this year) and he has really enjoyed it. He began playing football in the fall and really wanted to play basketball for his school but because he switched schools in the fall, he missed school tryouts, therefore he played one final season of Upward basketball. He also decided that he wanted to wrestle this year, so for a little while he was playing basketball and wrestling at the same time, which got kind of chaotic at times. So, his first year of middle school he has played football, wrestled, played Upward basketball and played baseball for his school. Whew.

on the way.
ansley and cam’s sister had a good time, too
the cutest cheerleaders there : )

His team played at the historic Luther Williams Field in Central City Park and this excited Brendan…and us too! Mama picked me up and then we went and scooped Ansley up from school, went to Subway and then headed to the ball field. However, as we were going down Mercer, Brendan’s grandpa called to tell us that the game had been postponed an hour and a half, therefore, mama, Ansley and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up mom’s prescriptions…and then we were on our way again. Brendan was happy that he had a crowd at the field to watch him play. His Poppy and Meme were there, so he had a crowd of five.


i thought the batter was good lookin’ ; )


The opposing team started off pretty strong with three runs ahead of us, but it didn’t take us too long to catch back up and tie the game. The game stayed very close until the end, the 7th inning. We ended up tying, 6-6…which we took with happiness : ) Brendan went up to bat twice and he did good. His meme has a friend of her’s, who is a baseball coach at Northside, helping him with his batting and he is enjoying that. Brendan mostly played right field yesterday and he did great at that. Being as this is Brendan’s very first time playing baseball, I think it is just trial and error at the point; it wont be too much longer until he discovers what his biggest strengths (and weaknesses) are. I’m proud of him for having the courage to go out and play a new sport. I’m excited for what the rest of the season holds for both Brendan and his team.




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